Gio Pagani

Narrator of tactile stories. Nomadic spirit with an international attitude. A multi-faceted architect, Gio Pagani established his studio in Parma in 1995 with the aim of offering architectural and design solutions rooted in an unconventional elegance, where innovation and eclecticism find a balance with functionality and aesthetic. Travelling and discovering are keys in the maturation of his creative spirit, guided by a strong attitude toward exchange, interaction, where the crossover of different impulses generates a singular, iconic style. “I have no roots, I love travelling, and I think it’s extraordinary to think that in each place you can build something new,” explains Gio Pagani. “Dynamism is a stimulus. Not just the creative dynamism but also the one linked to trips. Milan, London, Paris and New York are locations where I need to spend some time to confront myself with reality, find new inspirations and future perspectives.”